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  • The Last Starship (Introversion)

  • RimWorld Biotech (Ludeon)

  • RimWorld Ideology (Ludeon)

  • RimWorld Royalty (Ludeon)

  • Scanner Sombre (Introversion)

  • RimWorld (Ludeon)

  • Prison Architect (Introversion)

  • Staxel (Plukit)

  • Lumino City (State Of Play)

  • Sir You Are Being Hunted (Big Robot)

  • Full Mojo Rampage (Over The Top Games)

  • Onikira Demon Killer (Digital Furnace)

  • Word Soup (FuzzyBug Interactive)

  • Kinectimals (Frontier/Microsoft)

  • The Outsider (Frontier)

  • Lost Winds (Frontier/WiiWare)

  • MultiWinia (Introversion)

  • Thrillville Off The Rails (Frontier/Lucas Arts)

  • Thrillville (Frontier/Lucas Arts)

  • Defcon (Introversion)

  • Darwinia (Introversion)

  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 – Soaked! (Frontier/Atari)

  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 3- Wild! (Frontier/Atari)

  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (Frontier/Atari)

  • Wallace and Grommit in Project Zoo (Frontier/BAM)

  • Dogs Life (Frontier/Sony)

  • Jetforce Gemini (Rare)

Awards etc...
Best Use Of Audio
“The experience is further enhanced by the haunting soundtrack….Effects are used superbly too, with the howling winds of the holocaust echoing in the background, nursery rhymes floating eerily from one speaker to the other and the faint cough as another innocent victim draws their last breath can all be heard as you prime your next nuke. It’s disturbing stuff, but it perfectly complements DEFCON’s minimalist visual approach.”




Lumino city beat four other nominees including Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed Unity to win the award for Best Artistic Achievement, and the entire dev team got up on stage to accept it. 


(Independent game developers association)
Awarded Best Audio 2007 for Defcon


Edge magazine
Best Sound Design Category 2006
“Defcon’s exceptional sound design deserves no small share of the credit for the emotional and aesthetic impact of Introversion’s luminously deadly war sim.”



Edge magazine
Best Sound Design Category 2005
“The compulsion to annihilate is born substantially out of the truly excellent soundscape, the sickeningly fizzy slither of the infection threatening to drown out the anxious mewls of the Darwinians.”




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