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‘One of the best minds in British game sound.’- Edge Magazine

'The audio is absolutely brilliant across the board'- Chris Delay, Introversion. (Prison Architect)

'Alistair consistently creates music and effects better than I could have imagined.'-Tynan Sylvester, Ludeon (RimWorld)

'Sounding Great- Lovely Job!!' -Luke Whittaker, Director, State Of Play (Lumino City)


'Everything he delivered was exactly what we wanted, all the incredible audio brought so much life to our game, we couldn't have asked for more.'- Bart van der Werf, Director, Plukit

'Working with Al has been a great experience! he is very professional, honest, and easy to deal with. He is great at capturing the essence of a game and converting that into music. We are looking forward to work with him again in our future projects'- Rob, Director, Over The Top Games (Full Mojo Rampage).

'A pleasure to work with throughout, and has always delivered for us.” -Dave Walsh, Managing Director, Frontier Developments Ltd. (Lost Winds, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, Dogs Life, Thrillville).

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