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‘One of the best minds in British game sound.’- Edge Magazine


Client testimonials are one thing but why not see what the game's fans have to say first?

 I never realized that the sounds shift in PA - that's crazy and genius! What I did notice and remember however is how my whole mood would shift along with the game, and could notice some sounds changing too

After 323 hours in the game I finally cared to launch a ship, because I wanted to experience that aswell. Well, it was totally worth it. Awesome music man, thanks a lot! It never gets old!

Finally beating RimWorld and getting to hear this song was pretty damn epic. Awesome music for an awesome game.

This is so awesome,when i play rimworld and listen to that song i want to play my guitar and while playing this song i want to play rimworld.What a Dilemma.

Your work on this sound track is phenomenal, brilliant stuff

Hi Alistair! Your songs are awesome, you are a great composer. Thank you very much for the tutorials. Rough trail is my favourite piece from Rimword,

The soundtrack for rimworld is my favorite by far, and the music is so magnificent. And seeing it being played by human seems so astonishing, almost jaw dropping, i could not believe my eyes and my ears. Thank you for this incredible masterpiece. I hope that you know that a lot of people really appreciate the work you’ve done. Best regards! I’m tuned in for more of your work :)

I hadn't really thought about it up until now, but that extra layer of sound really does add a lot to a game where you are an omniscient eye above.

I noticed right from the beginning that workmen talk and whistle - it really adds to the immersion

I love the game, also as VR version, and the use of music was fantastic. Very good job.

I just have to say, all the sounds of the security (deployment screen, security room, etc.) are AWESOME. Very cool sounds which fit great with the rest of the game, but are very distinct for the security. They are also kind of era-less, as per the style of the rest of the game. Great!

Haven't ever noticed the game being quiet no matter how big or small the prison is. Good job Alistair! ;)

Alistair, the deployment screen sounds are among my favourite in the game. I love the abstract representations of in game assets which just makes sense. Keep it up!

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